AussieSheepskin Long Sno Ugg Boots


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AussieSheepskin Long Sno Ugg Boots

Made from pure first quality sheepskin

AussieSheepskin Long Sno Ugg Boots, with tongue front. This is the classic UGG boot style but full calf length, and they are class!

The tongue front style is the strongest UGG boot style and should top your list if you are looking for strength and durability as well as comfort.and beauty.


  • 25-32 centimetres
  • Extra large sizes: 33 – 35 centimetres


To work out your size: Measure your most comfortable shoe – not your foot!
In centimetres or inches and order the nearest size.
What we need is the measurement of the outside length of your most comfortable shoe.

Remember that sheepskin is natural product that will adapt to your feet even if your UGG boots are a little tight to begin with.

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25 cms / 10 inches, 26 cms / 10 1/4 inches, 27 cms / 10 1/2 inches, 28 cms / 11 inches, 29 cms / 11 1/2 inches, 30 cms / 12 inches, 31 cms / 12 1/4 inches, 32 cms / 12 1/2 inches, 33 cms / 13 inches, 34 cms / 13 1/2 inches, 35 cms / 13 3/4 inches


Natural sand, Chestnut, Black, Grey, Pink, Brown, Green, Purple


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